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Do you know?

  • Do you spend more than you make a month?
  • What is the average monthly dollar amount you have to pay your bills?
  • Have you mistakenly had your bank account charged twice?
  • Have you tried to save money or keep to a budget but failed?
  • Are you constantly searching for information like part numbers or medicines taken in your past but not finding them?

Good chance the reasons you don't know the above or have failed is you just don't have time to monitor these areas. Let Bank2Budget ease and automate these areas.

Bank2budget is an application that imports your banking transactions and allows you to categorize, create a personalized budget and view your monthly net gain or loss.  Application charts and tables provide you valuable tools to view your activity.
Other tools are available from various vendors (quicken, etc) or by banks but are limited by amount of data they report on/proprietory data formatting/or excessive cost to you.  Bank2budget allows you to import and archive unlimited amount of data as well as to change banks and still continue to import your banking activity.  
We are certain this application will help you in your financial tracking and needs.
Try out our FREE 90 day trial version.  Your trial data is imported into the full version if you decide to purchase.

"This really is a cool tool. Not only have I improved my monthly net results but I was able to look up the medication my son had an adverse reaction to last summer. Finally an application that does not cost an arm or a leg and provides my family with financial results and personal data lookups."
Joe from Maryland


Bank2Budget application requirements:
Microsoft Access 2002 or higher
Bank offering CSV (comma separated values) file format exports.

Bank2Budget budgeting tool can offers many benefits.  Manual tracking of your expenses is almost impossible to maintain.  Bank account download is the most efficient way to automate this critical tracking.  Start your tracking of net revenue and expense, personal data and events in your life, keep vendors from double charging and keep your bank account correct, minimize the time you spend in paying bills online and budgeting.  This site will show you banks available, how to become a tester or sign up with a new bank, download your 90 day trial , find help and support as well as our charter and promise to you.

We know you will find this tool as your turning point in tracking financial activity and keeping out of debit.  Enjoy!


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